Deck Maintenance

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Reliable Deck Maintenance Service NYC

Decks need regular maintenance to keep them not only beautiful but also safe and functional. That is why as homeowners, you should regularly inspect your decks for any issues and defects. The Deck Repair Contractors of NYC Deck Builders are here to cater to all your deck care and maintenance needs. In addition, we can offer the deck care procedures that are necessary to maintain your decks; when the time comes that you need it, we are readily available to serve you!

The changing seasons of New York are one of the joys that the locals can experience. However, it is one of the most challenging times they face for property owners with decks on their property. The fluctuation of the temperature and the moisture because of the weather conditions means that their decks will be in peril. At some point, you will need a thorough inspection and cleaning of your deck at least once a year for you to continue enjoying the beauty and security your decks provide you. Some homeowners might do their deck maintenance independently. However, if you don’t know the correct procedure, we highly recommend that you avail of deck maintenance services from the professionals, such as NYC Deck Builders.

The Deck Maintenance Service we offer includes:

  • Sealing
  • Staining
  • Painting
  • Cleaning and power washing

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Picture of a wooden deck being maintained and repainted using a brush, picture taken at New York, NY

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Staining, finishing, and painting a deck is not as easy as most homeowners think about, and it would be best to let your deck and patio tune-up be left in the hands of the experts. Making a DIY approach on your deck maintenance might subject your decks to harm rather than do good to it. If you don’t have the proper knowledge and experience in wood deck maintenance, specifically deck cleaning and staining, you would most probably damage your deck by careless power washing it on your own. Mistakes like this are easy to come by but would lead to severe problems. 

There are more tasks involve in deck maintenance that most people don’t know about. NYC Deck Builders’ maintenance services include deck refinishing, painting, power washing, sealing, and staining. As decks would require maintenance from time to time, our company is always available anytime to attend to your needs. In this part of our page, we will provide you an overview of the tasks involved in Deck care services.


NYC Deck Staining, Painting, and Refinishing

As a deck contractor NYC, we provide deck re-staining, refinishing, and repainting services essential to keep up the beauty, vibrancy, and durability of your decks. At least once a year, your New York decks should undergo the benefits mentioned above to keep your wooden decks well preserved and taken care of. It does not only keep your NYC deck in pristine condition, but it also makes it look like new decks. Without the protective layer of the finishing, painting, or staining, the deck will deteriorate quickly, and it would lead to more severe issues requiring you to replace the deck. NYC Deck Builders’ refinishing, painting, and staining services can maintain your deck, extend the lifespan and maintain its aesthetics.

Deck Power Washing Service NYC

NYC Deck Builders‘ power washing service is usually done before we repaint, refinish, or stain a deck. Moreover, it is also conducted when your New York deck is covered up with excessive debris and layers of dirt. A professional deck restoration contractor performs our power washing service through a controlled water pressure that is aimed to remove dirt and mud, including bacteria, pollutants, germs, and mold particles that have build-up for quite a while that will lead to your decks’ demise. Our deck maintenance crew have undergone extensive training and are equipped with the knowledge and expertise they gained through their years of experience in the deck-building industry.

Picture of a deck maintenance worker refinishing a deck in New York, NY
Picture of a hammer and a piece of cloth on top a wooden deck that needs maintenance, picture taken at New York, NY


If you have noticed minor defects or issues, or dirt pile up on your deck, then it may be the time to finish, stain, power wash, or paint your deck. We encourage you to contact our crew here at NYC Deck Builders to attend to your problems. However, don’t risk yourself by just hiring anyone to do the cleaning, as it might end up spending more time and money than you would initially have if you hired a professional deck care provider.

NYC Deck Builders has been proudly providing excellent services in the greater area of New York. We have been engaged in Deck services for years now and have met and exceeded our clients’ expectations. We are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and the knowledge and experience needed in the deck building, restoration, and repair industry.