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As New York’s leading deck builders, we’ve built thousands of decks and porches for homes across the city. Creating a new porch or deck is a cost-effective and straightforward way for homeowners in the area to enjoy fresh air and sunshine in a relaxing setting. Decks and patios are perfect for gatherings with family and friends, holiday cookouts, and letting the New York weather do the talking.

Whenever someone visits your home, they are likely to see your porch or entrance first. That’s why our deck installation professionals can offer you porch installation services that last. Adding a new porch to your residence can be a relatively small but noticeable addition that can reflect your style and introduce your house to the neighborhood. In addition, a porch can enhance the look of even the smallest home, transforming it into a masterpiece of colonial splendor. Over the past couple of years, we have been working with homeowners throughout the greater New York area to remodel and renovate their porches and entrances.


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Picture of an unfurnished wooden porch that has been built by our porch installers in New York, NY

What our porch contractors do:

To add a porch or deck to your home, our deck and porch builders and designers will meet with you at your New York home for a free in-home consultation. As well as presenting various styles and materials, we will take all the measurements necessary. Our wide selection of designs allows you to choose from size, trim, posts, columns, and railings, as well as foundation treatments like decorative stone.

Our crew will provide you with a written estimate once you decide on your new porch or deck design. After receiving your approval, we’ll deconstruct the old porch or deck if needed and begin building your new custom porch or deck!

Why Choose NYC Deck Building?

The decks we build at NYC Deck Builders aren’t cookie-cutter designs or copied from one job to the next. Whether it’s a porch or a deck, you’ll discover a unique outdoor living space when you work with us. We always hold our Years of Workmanship Warranty for the porch and deck installations and manufacturers’ warranties back all the materials we install. So rest assured that you’ll be fully covered if any damage occurs to your porch or deck.

Excellent Porch Installation Services

According to the old saying, the eyes and the face are the windows to the soul. We can apply the same analogy to the home’s facade as the window to its soul or character. Thus, all homeowners should ensure that their home’s façade makes an excellent first impression on guests and passersby by making sure it looks its very best. An improved façade is also a way to make your house more welcoming. You can quickly achieve this by adding a well-designed and well-built porch.

What are porches, and what do they do?

In general, porches are covered areas just outside houses where homeowners and guests can sit back and chat or enjoy other worthwhile activities. Porches are common in New York homes, and many serve as party venues and reception areas. In summary, stoops and porches aren’t just aesthetically pleasing additions to any home; they are also functionally important.

New York homes have these specific features, so it is only fair to have them as well. Moreover, new Yorkers have long incorporated these elements into their lives and culture.

Picture of a fully furnished porch at New York, NY
Picture of a home porch with three chairs in the middle, picture taken at New York, NY

If you hire us for a deck or porch installation, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Design and Construction Processes That Are Consistent
Our designing and building team will be with you for the entire process.

A complete quality management system
During the project and beyond, you will receive a manufacturer’s warranty and artistry guarantee.

Getting things done on time
Our work schedule is designed for your project, and we adhere to it.

Finances as a priority
Your budget is a central concern to us, so it is always at the forefront of our minds as we work on your project.

It’s crucial to build them perfectly to reap all these benefits. If this is not done, it may ruin the existing design or theme. In addition, the state has a strict building code, and sub-standard construction can even lead to legal problems.

We could also work on various designs of wooden back porches. Many types of plans are available, including wrap-around, screened, country-inspired, three-season, enclosed, sunroom, four-season, contemporary, and so forth. To have porches that are both functional and durable, contact NYC Deck Builders. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our services.